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audrey samson (CA/HK)

threads/ (2010)

A website
threads/ is a web interface to a database of women's stories about their relationship to technology. These stories come from a series of interviews asking women how they felt about computers. The voices are linked to the first images which turn up in a google image search on: women + technology.
threads/: 是一個有關於女性與科技的作品。創作利用網頁界面呈現一個個的面談故事,旨在探討她們對電腦/科技的感想。網頁界面將聲與畫分開處理:作品將圖片(自動於谷歌搜尋關建字: women + technology的圖片)與訪談的音軌交錯結合呈現出來。

Daniel Howe (US/HK) & Helen Nissenbaum (US)

TrackMeNot (2006)

Browser extension (Firefox or Chrome)
TrackMeNot is an 'artware' extension (art/software) that helps protect web users from surveillance and data-profiling by search engines. The software works by periodically issuing 'fake' queries to selected search engines, polluting the user's data profile with meaningless 'noise'. TrackMeNot addresses the fact that search data, often containing very personal information, is systematically monitored, aggregated, and shared between corporations (Google, Yahoo!, Bing, etc.), often without users' awareness or consent.
TrackMeNot是一個瀏覽器外掛程式,用於保障用戶免被搜索引擎(如谷歌)秘密監測、收集及分析數據。TrackMeNot定期於系統裡隨機新生搜索查詢,加入“假數據”,以使用戶的真實數據模糊化,變得毫無意義。 TrackMeNot所關注的是企業 (如AOL,雅虎,谷歌等) 在經濟或政治誘因下的有系統監測、收集數據、侵犯個人私隱的行為。

Fannie Ng (HK)

Reality in RGB (2013)

A web page
Under the social and cultural impact of the Internet, notions of ‘virtual’ and ‘reality’ in regards to the network gradually dissolve into each other. This piece presents two sets of pixelated portraits, representing these blurring boundaries, the constant interplay, and the increasing impossibility to distinguish them.
在社會和文化的影響下,虛擬和現實的界缐已逐漸模糊。作品透過把兩組’現實’和’虛擬’世界的人像溶合, 以像素點繪的方式重新呈現, 在兩個世界的互相影響下, 越來越分不清那一個是虛擬那一個是現實。

Olia Lialina (RU/DE)

Summer (2013)

GIF images displayed across multiple servers
The work displays the most fragile GIF on the WWW by redirecting the animated frame from one server to the next, the speed and smoothness of the animation dependent on the functioning of the internet infrastructure that supports it. (The piece can not be watched offline). 這件作品用GIF網絡動畫為題材,動畫從一個伺服器展出後,隨即轉移到另一個伺服器上呈現,由一個到另一個伺服器,再轉至下一個,形成一組在互聯網上最脆弱的GIF動畫,作品的速度與流暢度受網絡的基礎設施影響。 (這作品不能離線觀看)。

Tonio Mundry (DE)

You better brush your teeth (2013)

Self built "high-end" browser with "top-notch" painted gif-animation; 6 frames on 9,5m x 4,5m wall
‘You better brush your teeth’ is an animation made of 6 frames, all of which were painted in space, photographed, and rendered as an animation to be shown in a web browser. This piece challenges our perception of space, is it a ‘real’ space? Or is it ‘Internet space’? We are forced to reconsider what these distinctions mean.
作品是一個六格動畫, 每一格均在真實的空間裡繪畫及拍照,並用電腦合成為動畫於瀏覽器上呈現出來。作品嘗試挑戰我們對空間的想像,互聯網是真實還是虛假的?使我們不得不重新思考空間的定義。

Winnie Soon / 孫詠怡 (HK) & Helen Pritchard (UK)

The Likes of Brother Cream Cat (2013) / 尖東忌廉哥 讚!

A firefox browser add-on
The exaggerated ‘likes’ of the Facebook famous cat, Brother Cream, permeates the network through running a browser add on and contribution of browsing/posting Facebook data. It gives a glimpse of the computational ecologies of Brother Cream, and his entanglements of gifting, fan fiction, commerce, geo/biopolitics, data laws, social media, tourism and advertising.
透過Facebook 附加元件、粉絲的瀏覽與互動,尖東忌廉哥在互聯網上滲透至每一角落。 作品透過忌廉哥現象,嘗試打開網絡生態的獨特性,反思"讚" (likes) 在Facebook裡所扮演的角色。網上的呈現是由眾多不同元素糾纏互動下所產生,這些元素範圍廣泛,包括有送禮、粉絲行為;商業、政治、資料政策與法律、社交媒體、旅遊及廣告等等。

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